Thursday, 3 February 2011

Holiday update: Italy

I went to visit my friend Emma in Perugia, Italy over the weekend. I was there Friday-Monday and only took about 40 photos - poor effort. I had an amazing time though, and I've always been bad at getting my camera out when I'm having lots of fun, so I guess the lack of photos is a good sign. I had my first experience of sleeping in a hostel, which was surprisingly OK. I experienced the Perugia nightlife, which is a little bit insane. The clubs stay open until about 5.30 as standard. A bunch of us danced on the bar for no apparent reason, and the barmen didn't bat an eyelid. On the second day we went for a walk around Assisi, which is a little town just outside of Perugia, which was absolutely lovely.

We looked round some cathedrals and churches, which were all absolutely stunning.

The ceiling in one of the cathedrals - absolutely amazing to look at
Bad angle, but the bushes halfway up this field spell out PAX, which means peace in Italian
 I used being in Italy as an excuse to utterly scrap the diet, and feasted on cheese, ham, bread, pasta and pizza as often as humanly possible. 

It's not just a ham and cheese sarnie, honest...

I made sure to have my fill of coffee as well
I just feel the need to share this. It was a nativity scene outside one of the churches. It looked quite normal at first glance, but on further inspection, it is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. The man kneeling down, who I assume is Joseph, is wearing overalls, denim jeans and an apron. On the right is a terrifying looking old man. To the left, not pictured, is a little girl decked out in what looks like some form of old fashioned school uniform, complete with burgundy tights and a bobble hat. Is this how Italians do the nativity?!

The menu said this was a salad, so I felt quite healthy and smug while digging into this humongous pile of bacon, cheese and bread, punctuated by the occasional smattering of lettuce and chicory. OM NOM NOM.

All my dreams came true while I was eating this tiramisu. At the same time, I think a part of me died while eating this tiramisu. From the moment I finished it onwards I am forever to be but a shell of my former self unless I can eat it every day for the rest of my life. I licked the plate. There is photographic evidence. I also had ice cream (gelato?) which was divine, but which I won't post a picture of because the picture includes me looking like a hungover gremlin. 

Here I am not looking like a hungover gremlin, making rather a show of myself in a bar called Merlins. Ignore the bra hanging out of my dress - not a good look, I'm aware.

Brilliant weekend had, all in all. My first time flying was not remotely as traumatic as I expected it to be. On the way there it was pretty exciting, and on the way back I was tired and just read all the way. I'm planning another trip to Italy later on this year so I hope I enjoy that just as much!

Now to read the 11 library books I have checked out, tidy my room and prepare for my friend Holly's arrival on Saturday :)


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