Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail

Her name is Holly.
She’s also 20.
I’ve known her since I was 4.

We think that we met, and became bestest friends, on the first day of primary school. As unlikely as this may be, it’s our story, and we’re sticking with it. Sometimes when we’re drunk together I like to throw my arms over her dramatically and tell the huddled masses, ‘WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR SIXXXXXTEEEEEEEN YEARS YOU KNOW!’ I’m not sure if she enjoys this. I’m certain the huddled masses do not enjoy this.

Over these 16ish years in each other’s lives, our friendship has waxed and waned, unsurprisingly. While we were at primary school, we spent almost every moment together. We were at each other’s houses for tea all the time. A memory of her house that sticks is that every time I was there for tea, we had sausages. I’ve never really liked sausages all that much, but I dutifully ate them up without a peep of dissatisfaction. When I came home the first question my mum would ask would be ‘what did you have for tea?’ The answer was always sausages.

We’ve never fallen out, but we’ve grown apart occasionally, never dramatically, and every time we’ve eventually grown back together. I believe the true test of a friendship is if you can grow apart a bit, and then pick up where you left off, with no hard feelings, no questions asked, and the same level of comfort with each other as before. At the moment, we’re pretty close. She came to visit me at uni a few weeks ago, got on really well with all my friends and had a great time.

She moved to London recently (on Tuesday, in fact!) to work as an au pair. She had joined the Navy, but as they’ve been uncertain about when her start date will be, she’s chosen to do something else in the meantime. I’m very envious of how ambitious and proactive she is. She decided she wanted to work in London, so she applied for jobs and moved there, without much of a second thought and with no apprehensions. She hasn’t been there long enough to say whether she really enjoys it, but I think she will, and I think the kids will love her. She’s bubbly, active, kind, and laughs a lot. Her living there might mean I don’t see her very often, but I’m very excited for her all the same, and who knows, I might end up in London too, as everyone keeps telling me that’s where all the jobs are.

I would post a picture to show how lovely she is, but I don’t think she would like this.

[Pretend there is a picture of a lovely girl here.]

Isn’t she lovely?!

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