Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail

My first love is my current boyfriend. We’ve been together (on and off) for a year and a few months now. He’s 22. He’s very nice, obviously. Our love story is not in any way spectacular. We met on a night out. We were both quite intoxicated. We swapped numbers and decided we should go on a date. The date itself was an utter disaster. We went to the cinema, and the only films showing were Saw, and the Michael Jackson movie. I had already seen Saw and really did not want to watch it again (not even with a boy to cuddle with during the gory bits) and as for the Michael Jackson one, well… just no. So we had a drink in the bar at the cinema, during which I mainly told stories about what a hilarious drunken night I’d had on Halloween. The stories I told did not really paint me in a very flattering light, but I kept telling them, whether because of nerves or because I genuinely thought I was hilarious, I may never know. These stories did not send him running for the hills, so we ended up going to Frankie and Bennys for food, where I somehow ordered something which I fully did not enjoy. From a huge menu with lots of delicious options that I would have loved, I managed to pick possibly the one thing that tasted downright bad to me. So I ate about a bite of that. Any normal people would have never wanted to speak to each other again after such a let-down of a date, but instead we got on really well, went on some more dates, and eventually slipped into being a couple. Having never been in a relationship, I for some reason assumed that I was not a ‘relationship person’, but it turns out that I kind of am.

At some point we broke up, hence the ‘on and off’ disclaimer. Then at some point we got back together. Now we are attempting to do long distance (he only lives an hour and a half’s drive away but we don’t get to see a lot of each other) and it’s going pretty well. I graduate this year and we don’t really have a plan for the future. I won’t go into too much ‘great detail’ over this because there’s just no need.

Rich does not enjoy having his picture taken

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