Monday, 21 February 2011

Day 04 – What you ate today, in great detail

I woke up late, so for breakfast/dinner, I hard boiled an egg, according to Delia Smith’s timings, that turned out to be a little mushy in the middle for my liking. Boo Delia. Your egg timings failed me. I then cut it up, mixed it with some light mayo and some Dijon mustard and some black pepper, then put it on Burgen soya & linseed bread with some curly salad leaves and made it into a sandwich. I had this with a side of Walkers prawn cocktail crisps. Classy and healthy, I know. I had a cup of coffee with this. I put some vanilla extract in the coffee but it didn’t taste like vanilla at all, and I refrained from adding more for fear of just destroying my entire cup of coffee. Then I went and holed myself in my room while I watched Green Wing on 4OD researched David Antin while my friends went to the pub, so I didn’t eat again for a few more hours.

I emerged when I heard my friends return, and stopped downstairs for a chat while I ate a Gala apple with a few spoonfuls of crunchy peanut butter. This food combination was possibly one of my best discoveries. Well, first of all, I discovered that I liked peanut butter itself, after being convinced for many years that it was in fact the devil’s work and should be banned from the country. I’m glad that law was not passed because I could now quite happily eat it all day. I started off with toast, then moved to celery, and eventually my friend suggested apples. I tried it. Fireworks. Angels singing. I’ve never looked back. I also drank some Lipton lemon iced tea. Then I disappeared for a few more hours.

When I came back again I ate some home-made chilli that has been in my freezer for far too long, with some mature cheddar cheese grated on top. Then I did something sick that I’m not sure I want to admit to: I put salt and vinegar on my chilli. I don’t eat chips at home, and a while ago I realised that chilli with chips tastes much better than without. Then I realised why. Salt and vinegar! So now I put them on my chilli itself, it tastes good, I don’t have to fart around making chips. I had a warmed pitta bread instead. I then drank the rest of my iced tea. Afterwards I had an Activia intensely creamy strawberry yoghurt. I’m trying to enjoy yoghurt, because everyone keeps telling me it is good. I’m still not sure I can quite get past the texture. I battled through four of these yoghurts, making three of them more enjoyable by adding blueberries, but I don’t think I will buy yoghurt again any time soon.

An hour or two later I had a cup of tea with milk and decided biscuits were necessary. So I had a custard cream, a jammy dodger, a chocolate digestive, and a Nice biscuit. Ideally I think tea and biscuits should be taken while curled up in bed on a Sunday morning/afternoon while reading The Observer, but in front of Eastenders with my friends in the front room was an acceptable substitute.

Now I’m about to brush my teeth so I don’t think I’ll be eating again until the morning. I think I usually eat more than this, though.

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