Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lasts (and firsts)

I have nothing of interest to write about this week because I'M JUST TOO EXCITED ABOUT GOING TO ITALY ON FRIDAY. So here are some questions.

Last Alcoholic Drink: I went for a sly G&T today, simply to mark my freedom from essays, while leaving my housemates in their rooms slaving away over revision.

Last Car Ride: I got a lift with my housemate to uni today.

Last Hug: Sunday, from Rich, 'the boyf.' At the moment he lives an hour and a half's drive away and works full time so we only get to see each other odd weekends and I always ham it up like a drama queen when he leaves.

Last Time You Cried: Can't remember. Think I've been pretty tear free these past few weeks. Score!

Last Library Book: I currently have nine books checked out of the library - The Writing Experiment by Hazel Smith, two books on avant-garde theory, three books on the contemporary British novel, one on women's interwar fiction, and then two history books that are actually checked out for a friend. The library is gonna be my bezzer this year, after completely neglecting it for all of first year and the majority of second year.

Last book bought: Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner. For £9.99 from Waterstones, grrrrr. As much as I love books, after being an Amazon freak for many years now, I fully resent paying full price for them.

Last Book Read: Well. I'm currently reading Lolly Willowes and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time for seminar reading. Before that I have been reading Paradise Lost, The Rover by Aphra Behn, Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood, My Place by Sally Morgan and Disgrace by J.M Coetzee, again, all for seminar reading. Before that I read Miranda July's book of short of stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You. Other than that, the last book I read from start to finish, for the first time, for my own pleasure, was Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. It was AMAZE.

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: 127 Hours. I thought it was entertaining but it almost didn't live up to the hype. Also, in a sick way, I was expecting a lot more gore from the arm-cutting-off scene. Either I'm completely desensitized or it was pretty tame.

Last Movie Rented: Inception. After a while trying to join in everyone's debates about the ending and nearly formulating my own spin on it, I have decided I do not want to discuss the matter any further. I do not find it fun to be confused, it's just frustrating. So my opinion on Inception is this - good film, attractive men, would watch again. As long as people don't start waxing lyrical about the ending.

Last Cuss Word Uttered: I think it might have been fuck, but in the slightly less offensive guise of an 'f' on the end of a 'wtf' typed on MSN. (Yes, I still use MSN. Old school. I'm trying to move on to Skype but I'm finding it difficult to let go.)

Last Beverage Drank: Ribena.

Last Food Consumed: I had a tortilla wrap with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge inside. It was a midnight snack and it was oddly satisfying.

Last Crush: Rich. Lame answer.

Last Phone Call: My grandma left me a truly bizarre voicemail asking me what a word meant, and I assumed she had pronounced this word wrong because it sounded like an alien language. So I rang her back and she said the word again and it still sounded peculiar. So I made her spell it out and it turned out to be 'prethoist.' I was like, oh, I'm such a bad English student, I've never heard of this word before, I'll Google it for you. Google yielded NO results. I think my Grandma made up a word. 

Last E-mail you wrote: It was to a student jobs company asking for more info on a telesales job. I've sort of sacked them off since they emailed me back though because I get a dodgy feeling from the fact that in the listing on the student union website, they said to email for more details, and yet when I email for more details, they say I should ring them. What are they hiding here? Why can't they just put a job description on the website? Add this to the fact that I don't really want a job.

Last TV Show Watched: I watched The Simpsons, Hollyoaks, Snog Marry Avoid, Hotter Than My Daughter, and got halfway through Big Fat Gypsy Weddings before I said NO, and abandoned the tv. Where I promptly loaded an episode of How I Met Your Mother to watch while I tidied my room. I'm one of those awful people who needs constant mental stimulation. I feel terribly anxious when I'm just sat quietly, and for some reason tv programmes are the best way to combat this. I haven't got square eyes yet ;)

Last Band You Saw: I can't even think. I don't see much live music.

Last Time Showered: Tuesday afternoon.

Last Shoes Worn: These beauties that were inexplicably only £25 in the shop. Also I bought them with a giftcard. So essentially, FREE SHOES. Thankyou, whichever relative got me the DP giftcard. (I have a poor memory.)

Last Item Bought: Diet Coke, two cupcakes, milk, squash and Sunbites.

Last Annoyance: Hearing lackadaisical first years in the library acting like being in that very building is such a hardship, while they mess around on Facebook. Now don't get me wrong: I was a lazy and unmotivated first year once. It was great. I just kept out of the library's way and was perfectly happy. I did not go there and then hog a computer on the ground floor, complaining for all to hear. Also, Facebook in the library is not necessarily a bad thing. If I'm in there hammering out essays, I might have a peek every now and again to remind myself what it's like to have a will to live. But if you're there JUST to go on Facebook, go home.

Last Soda Drank: Diet Coke. I'm OBSESSED with fizzy drinks at the moment. I go through stages where they make me feel sick and stages where I can't get enough. Right now, I've been drinking at least a can of something fizzy every day. Bad Emily.

Last Words Spoken: Actual words I said out loud were something about having to escape from the TV to my housemate, probably a jumbled mess of words along the lines of 'Too much trash TV... brain turned to mush... MUST ESCAPE... read book... escape!'

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Ben and Jerrys Phish Food. My delightful boyfriend purchased it for me (without me asking, btw, he's not my bitch) because he knows I love it, and he also knows I refuse to spend that much money on ice cream, and he also knows that if I were to attempt buying it myself I would dither about how fattening it is and if I should eat it and that I would eventually put it back in favour of being healthy.

Perhaps this makes him a feeder of some description?
Last Webpage Visited: BBC Iplayer. I'm going to catch up with Episodes. I'm still not sure if I actually like it, but I hope it grows on me, because I really like Tamsin Greig, and really like looking at Matt LeBlanc at the moment. 

So, I'm going to Italy on Friday. As the journey will all in all include a bus, a taxi, three trains, a plane (first time I've ever flown), and another taxi (just on the way there) I am so very nervous that something will go wrong because I have the ability to be astoundingly clumsy, unlucky, and dim-witted. I'm going with my friend Tom, to visit my friend Emma, who is studying abroad for a year, for her 21st. Fingers crossed we get there safe and sound, help her celebrate her birthday in style, and make it back home in one piece. 


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