Friday, 4 March 2011

Day 13 – This week, in great detail

I’ve been an all round bad human this week, and I’d like to think this week does not serve as a representative cross section of my life, so I refuse to go into great detail.

Monday. Assignment. Egg explosion. Grapefruit is not good. Wine. Macarena. Takeout delivery driver called me a bitch.

Tuesday. Hangover. Skive. Free box of food from Bloody awful. No hot water. Shower at a friend’s house. Food shop. Pomegranate and cantaloupe melon. Chat on the phone to my mum. Happy.

Wednesday. Assignment. Spend 40 minutes washing up. Hot water comes back on. Very little else.

Thursday. Collect an essay. 63! Happy, but I could have done better. Try to collect another essay. It’s not there. Get annoyed with the peculiar man in the English office, as usual. Work on assignment. Lecture on 1930s literature. Work on assignment. Seminar on 1930s literature. Walk home in the freezing cold. Talk to my father on the phone and all he has to talk to me about is Peter Kay. Split pea and bacon soup made by my own fair hand. Finally finish assignment. Almost weep with sheer relief.

Friday. Woken up at 5 in the morning by drunken friend on the phone. Panic because I think it is morning already. Wake up again feeling very grumpy around 10. Shower. Eat sardines on toast. Resolve to eat sardines more often. Hand in assignment. Feel the usual strange sense of shame and helplessness as I watch it fall into the drop box, where I cannot rectify any mistakes. Resist the usual urge to go over the Word documents with a fine toothcomb to find a mistake and worry over it. Get books out from the library. Go to the gym. 30 minutes on the exercise bike, 20 minutes on the treadmill and some weights exercises. Go home. Eat Covent Garden cauliflower spinach and coconut soup. Delicious. Eat a wide variety of other somewhat strange things over the course of the evening – a banana with peanut butter, a kiwi, half a cantaloupe melon, a handful of cherry tomatoes, cream crackers with butter and Wensleydale cheese, and Twiglets.

Saturday: Going to get caught up on work. Eat some more delicious soup. Go out to Spiders on the night.

Sunday: Boyfriend is visiting. We’re going to eat burgers and Easter eggs and have an early night watching The Big Bang Theory. We know how to live.

I have so much more planned for next week! Bad week for this question to crop up.

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