Thursday, 3 March 2011

Day 12 – What’s in your bag, in great detail

While I was at college I got into that usual girl's habit of carrying around everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag. I never cleared it out, and felt the need to carry almost everything with me, in case of emergencies. I also always had at least one book, and occasionally two or three, because I got the bus to and from college so I would read while on the bus. I also used to have a pencil case sized canvas bag in which I kept first aid type things such as plasters, Bonjela and Olbas Oil. As I was carrying half my life around with me, I started using oversized handbags. Now, I don't tend to carry much with me in my actual handbag on an off day, and on a day when I have lectures I carry my notes and books in a canvas bag separate to my handbag. Still, though, all my handbags are huge, and now seem quite pathetic for housing just a few lonely things.

Handbag from Next. 
Samsung phone.
Felt elephant purse bought from a gift shop in Whitby.
Sony mp3 player.
Card wallet, which a wide variety of cards, ranging from the obvious and necessary such as my debit card and student card, to the unusual like a Subway loyalty card, and an Oyster card even though I don't live in London.
Vaseline, and Vanilla Coke flavoured lipbalm.
Two library receipts.
Not pictured are my keys, a bottle of water, and a carton of apple juice.

It just seems easier to carry my lecture stuff in a canvas bag. Also it fits better.
Bag, free from Topshop.
Moleskine diary, bargain courtesy of Amazon! Kind of wish it looked less like a Bible though.
Pukka Pad.
Smaller stripy notebook - my creative writing notebook. In there is a veritable treasure trove of glimpses into my peculiar imagination.
Memory stick.
Free pen from the University of Perugia! Oh yeah.
The two books on the left are It's My Party: Reading Twentieth Century Women's Writing edited by Gina Wisker, and Women's Writing: A Challenge to Theory edited by Moira Monteith.
The rest is just assorted pieces of the work I have been doing today.

And that is the contents of my bags!

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