Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 10 – What you wore today, in great detail

(Wrote on Monday, posted on Tuesday.)

I have nothing to do today, and have so far spent the day watching How I Met Your Mother, writing an essay, hoovering, accidentally exploding an egg in the microwave, and trying to eat a grapefruit. The grapefruit was unsuccessful. The hoover started spitting hairballs onto the floor I was attempting to make tidier. The egg incident was simply a disaster. My work isn’t going well. How I Met Your Mother is always good. To do these things I have been wearing an oversized blue and white checked shirt from Primark, grey three quarter leggings from Peacocks, and furry slipper socks, once again from Primark. This outfit is in no way exciting, pretty, or flattering, and there is no need whatsoever to take pictures. I may be forced to make a run for the shops to buy bread and milk at some point, and I’m going out tonight to celebrate my housemate’s 21st, so hopefully those outfits will be slightly more interesting.

Oh hi, flicky hair
 This is what I wore to run to the shops for bread and milk. Light denim jeans from New Look, black vest from H&M, cardigan from Oxfam, scarf from a market stall in Sheffield. Also, unpictured, a pair of pretend Ugg boots from TK Maxx.

Awkward room shot, again
 This is what I threw on to go out in. And when I say threw on, I mean this is the 7th outfit I tried on. None of the others seemed worthy of picturing. Shortly before leaving the house I added black tights to this ensemble because I was paranoid about my thighs. Shortly after arriving at the club, I took those tights off because I was tight and they were uncomfortable. Classy as ever. Here I am wearing a black leotard from New Look, a skirt from H&M, and a jacket from H&M that I didn't end up wearing. The bag and necklace are both from a charity shop. The necklace was 50p! Bargain. I added some completely unremarkable cream ballet pumps to the outfit before I left the house.

What this has shown me is that I need some more variety in where I shop!


Right now I'm wearing multicoloured stripy fleece pyjama bottoms, my boyfriend's tshirt, and my specs. No pictures! 

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